Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love post #3

I love my class.

They are the cutest group of 9 and 10 year olds you could ask for. Every morning I wake up so tired and not ready for another day, but then I enter the school and instantly my energy level picks up. Even though some days I am just being a great actress, most days I really am excited over teaching nouns, fractions, states and capitals, etc. They love learning and seeing their excitement is the best motivator.

So today I am loving my class. I never thought I would become a teacher, but now that I am, I don't think I could do anything else.

Top 10 reasons I love my class:

1. They are so funny

Yesterday one of my boys asked me who my favorite composer was. I said I thought Mozart was pretty cool and talented. I then asked him who his favorite composer was. His reply? Lady Gaga...

2. They remind me of what 4th grade was like.

Many things have changed since I was in fourth grade (A cell phone went off in my class two weeks ago...). But some things are still very much the same. For example, one of their favorite things to do is vote. During lunch or free time you will always hear someone yelling, "raise your hand if you like tomatoes!" Or raise your hand if you like soccer better than football" They love making their likes and dislikes known.

3. They are still young enough to like me.

I still get hugs at the end of the day. Enough said.

4. They are sneaky little things.

They think they have me completely fooled when they say their dog ate their homework (really, I get that excuse at least once a week). I go along with it until I talk to mom and get the real low down. So funny.

5. They are starting to like the opposite sex.

They are realizing that little crushes are a possibility. I am starting to see flirting and giggling at its finest. They are so innocent.

6. Learning is still fun.

I may not plan the most exciting lessons all the time, but they love learning and telling me new facts. They bring me (unassigned) reports they did at home on unicorns, polar bears, and other random animals because they simply enjoy learning about them.

7. The Santa Factor.

Christmas was interesting because half my class believes and loves everything about Christmas, the other half knows the truth and wants everyone to know that they are not a baby anymore who believes in Santa. It made for some very interesting conversations and tears. Through it all, my believers still believed. It was so great.

8. Compliments.
I know this sounds shallow, but my class is so sweet to me. They tell me I'm funny and pretty and nice. I tell them I'm mean but they just laugh at me. I do need to work on being a bit more strict, but I have a hard time with that. They all gave me Christmas gifts and Valentines with the sweetest cards attached. They are finally figuring out how to string sentences together to form a paragraph. It makes for some pretty funny cards.

9. They keep things movin'
I love that I don't work behind a computer everyday. Every day is different. Friday I helped pull out a tooth, other days I'm a counselor, some days I'm the mean one, and others I'm a playmate at recess. Every day is so different and I love the variety they add to my life.

10. They are kids!
How lucky am I to work with kids all day? I love their age because I don't have to babysit them, but they still have so much innocence about them. They will talk to me about grown up things like Cancer, but then still want to hold my hand at recess. They are so curious, yet full of so much joy; no matter what is going on in their life.

So there ya go! My lengthy list of 10 reasons why I love my class. There are so many more, but I had to limit myself. I don't know if I'm allowed to post a picture of my class, so I'm not going to. But picture cute girls with headbands or pony tails with a white blouse tucked into red and blue plaid, pleated skirts, with blue knee high socks and black shoes. Picture my boys with short haircuts, white shirts tucked into gray pants with blue and red striped ties. So classy.

Mrs. Davis :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love post #2

Alright, I apologize for my last cheesy post, but it had to happen.

Today is love day #2. Just to clarify, my love posts go in no particular order, besides the first one obviously.

So today, I love traveling.

Why you might ask? Well, because on August 6 we leave from SLC and 24 hours later we land in Rome, Italy. We will spend 10 days exploring Italy and all it's glory. We will then fly from Venice to Paris and spend our last three days exploring the city of love.

Me and husband, two weeks, Italy and France...Can you say perfect?

So that is why I am especially loving travel at this moment. Six months and counting!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Race unlike any other...

Alright Team, February 20th is only two Sundays away. You know what that means right? 11 Teams, 1 prize. A race that takes you around the world.

It is a race unlike any other.

This is the Amazing Race.

Ness and I watch it over at my sister Natalie's house. It has become our favorite thing to do. We recently Netflix'd season 1 and I definitely predicted the winner. The Lawyers took it all. This time, us, Nat and James, and Blake and Linds are putting money on our teams. Now is my chance to clench my victory. If I win, I will be buying a new pair of Free's.

This Season, the teams have raced previously, but were eliminated due to unfortunate events. They have been brought back and given a second chance. Now comes the crucial time where we pick the team that will win it all. Last season I pick Gary and Mallory. Father and daughter. Mallory was Miss Kentucky in 2009. They are a great team FULL of energy. I feel loyal to them and everything, but honestly, I don't think they have it in them to win. But they still may get my bet. (Remember, Free's are on the line) The other team I am contemplation is Zev and Justin. Here is the kicker, Zev is autistic. Back in Season 15 they were a solid team, but got eliminated due to one of them losing their passport.

Now comes the praying and contemplating which team to put my money on.
You'll know where to find us every Sunday night.
Over at my sister's
eating popcorn
Not doing homework
holding Madison
wearing my Robin Hood shirt
The Amazing Race.

-The Gap

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love post #1

I love my husband.

He gets my first love post because he is that cool. Bradford and I go way back. We met in ninth grade geometry at MPJH. We latched on to each other because we were both new kids and kind of losers. From that point on, we were best friends. Whether we were dating or not, we always found a reason to text or hang out. During his mission we never missed a week of writing, even though we were doing our separate things. I was loving Utah State, he was working hard in the mission field, but we found we still loved each other, probably more than the day he left. I am so grateful things worked out for us and that I married my best friend (as cheesy as that sounds).

So this post is dedicated to my sweet husband. Thanks for putting up with me. I am stubborn, competitive, emotional and much more, but he treats me like royalty; everyday He is the best, really, the best. Love you Husband...

Graduation 2007

Serving away in the midwest

He's home!

Engaged - Central Park, NYC

Wedding Day - March 19, 2010

Cute Husband in LP

One of our more attractive pictures

Back East

Our role models: Jack and Kate (LOST)

Christmas Party 2010

Husband doing his sexy face

...and so much more still ahead of us. Love you Babe.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentines Day/Love Month

Bradford and I celebrated our first Valentines Day when we were 14. He got me flowers and a Yellowcard CD, I got him a BYU blanket (which we still use almost daily) and Mountain Dew. During high school, we always managed to be broken up on Valentines, which is weird because we dated way more than we didn't, but our break-ups always covered February 14. Junior year he brought me over a single rose, if that counts. While Bradford was on his mission we sent each other V-day packages, but we still weren't together to celebrate. Last year Bradford was at BYU so we had our own V-day because we couldn't get together for the real day. I guess that one kind of counts. But this year, 7 years later, we finally get to celebrate Valentines together on Valentines Day. Needless to say, I'm excited.

I will do another Valentines post later because it is the month of love and there are many many things I love!

Oh, and a shout out to my friends Shelly and Roxanne...They both are newly engaged!! Shelly is getting married May 10 (my b-day) and Zan on May 27th. They are both marrying Bountiful boys. That means that 5 of my 7 roomies and best friends married BHS boys (some older, some our same age). A little weird if ya ask me! Anyways, congrats!!