Sunday, October 16, 2011

Les Mis

Next December, a potentially world altering event is taking place.  Les Miserables will be on the silver screen once again.  However, this time, it will consist of the music, as the previous one did not.  Here is the kicker however,  Hugh Jackman will be playing Jean Valjean, Anne Hathaway will be playing Fantine, and Russell Crowe will be playing Inspector Javert.  Um amazing yeah?  Let's just say with this discovery of the upcoming masterpiece, this has all we have been thinking about.  This is the only pandora station we listen to, We almost cry whenever we listen to the song posted above, and I wear my 24601 shirt frequently to help me remember who I am.

Clearly, we are ready for it to come out,

besides the fact we have to wait over a year...

We just don't tend to think about that part.