Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Wrinkle in Time with the Davis'

Jenessa just got back from a girls trip to Cali

Bradford has a hurt jaw from lacrosse

Jenessa is sunburnt

Bradford has a book report due Friday for a book he hasn't read

Jenessa has all her spelling lists written out through Christmas break

Bradford has a sweet black pocket knife for protection

Jenessa highlighted her hair and it looks adorable

Bradford has a birthday on Monday, and is getting a _______

Jenessa won't tell

Bradford wants to be in the BAU with Agent Hotchner

Jenessa wants to be in Italy

Bradford wants to have long hair to his shoulders, but can't

Jenessa wants to give a shout out to Sholly

Bradford is going to be starting his own business with a friend

Jenessa loves the book Peter Pan

Bradford's jaw still hurts

Jenessa is sick of him complaining

Bradford won't be going to the Explosions in the Sky concert...because of the book he hasn't read

Jenessa is excited for TV series to start back up

Bradford is ready to drop out of school

Jenessa won't let him

Bradford just got a text

Jenessa needs to DI some clothes

Bradford seconds that

Jenessa wants to be best friends with Taylor Swift

Bradford needs new music

Jenessa is tired

So is Bradford

Peace, Love

The Gap and Ness