Sunday, March 27, 2011

Secret dream

As a little girl, I wanted to grow up and be a lot of different things. When I was younger my career path of choice was leading me to the national soccer team, then a lawyer who studied at Harvard, followed by a mom, intermingled with desires to become a teacher, a writer, and a few other random occupations. All my ambitions were obviously developed by my likes and dislikes at different points of my life.

There was, however one dream of mine that I never let anyone know about. It started when I was 5 years-old on a daddy-daughter date to Capitol Theater. The dress was black with sunflowers, the dinner was Bache, the show was Les Miserables; I felt like royalty that night. During the show I sat on the edge of my seat engulfing every sound I heard and memorizing each image I saw. I fell in love with Les Mis that night, but even more, it became my secret desire to star in a broadway show. Obviously that dream did not come to pass; first, because I can't sing. Second, I can't act or even keep a straight face. It just wasn't in the cards for me. Even though I knew I wasn't going down the broadway path, I secretly wished I was, or at least could just belt out a broadway hit. I can pick up any sport fairly quickly and I always was a decent soccer player, but I was always jealous of anyone who could sing in front of a crowd. So if you are reading this and have that talent, I think you are pretty cool.

Don't worry, I am not bitter that I didn't make it on broadway because Husband let's me perform for him. Lately I have been belting "don't cry for me Argentina," "On my own" (my les Mis classic), and of course, a little Wicked. He tells me I sing well and I would have been a great broadway actress. I like to believe him :). And a random side note, husband and I celebrated our one year mark, boo ya!


P.S. I just remembered I tried out for my stakes production of Saturday's warrior when I was about 7 and didn't make. Lisa Hilton just had a better voice than me. And she wore a really cool dress that she let me play with sometimes (the cape part could come off). My mom, being the good mother she is still did the show with me after I didn't make "Emily" and we were just part of the choir. I think after that I focused on athletics. Colliding with people or scoring a goal was just a little bit more exciting to me I guess. The end.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Today at work I came across a new drug called "Skelaxin". Probably the coolest name of a drug I have ever heard. It sounds like a verb. "Hey man, what are you doing?" "Just Skelaxin, what about you"

Friday, March 11, 2011


We are going to welcome this little guy into our home in the next few hours....

Needless to say, we are so excited. We think we are going to make a very cute family. We love you Paddy, Ipaddy, Padizzle, or The Pad. You already have us wrapped around your finger.


Mom and Dad

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"My Sport"

Alright, so since Ness got to do all those love posts, it's my turn. Let it be stated that Ness is my first love and always will be. But her husband post is mushy enough to cover mine. So I will move on to describing another love. (Love you Ness!)

February/March has probably been my favorite time of the year since high school because of one thing.

Every February/March before I graduated, I was constantly on an adrenaline rush. I loved practice, I loved the team, I loved games, I loved always having my stick with me, I loved going home from practice and practicing more, I loved getting pumped for games. It literally took up my entire life and train of thought. (except when I was with Ness of course :)) This whole passion started in 8th grade.

First off, you have to know me as a pre-teen. I never had "my sport" or for that matter, something I was good at, besides being the Golden Child, which I bore its weight with ease and prestige. I tried many sports but none of them stuck. One day my step-dad, Chip, came home from Gart's Sports with 2 lacrosse sticks. It started with us using them to throw the tennis ball for Bear on our walks. We then started passing more and more and I really enjoyed it. So I got enlisted in a beginers camp.

Loved it.

The next year, I made the tough decision to move out to my fathers house in Bountiful. Tough decision. I started 9th grade at MPJ, when fate decided to move its majestic hand and grant me with "my sport"

I got a lacrosse lanyard from the camp. If any of you have been through high school during the 2000's you know how cool lanyards make you. So I had it in my locker while I was in class. Turns out my locker buddy was Trey Richards, who also played lacrosse. Trey and Derek Walker approached me and asked me if I played, and trying to make myself seem cool, I said I did. even though I had never actually played in a game.

One thing led to another and by the spring time, we all had started the first ever Bountiful Lacrosse team. We dug up any person we could find to play. Our first game was hillarious. 85% of the team had no idea what they were doing, or even what the rules were.

Over the next few years, Bountiful grew to a powerhouse program, who has since taken state 2 years in a row.

Now when ever February/March rolls around, instead of adrenaline rushes, I get occasional(Frequent, lets be honest) withdrawals. I miss it so much. As Ke$ha would say, it's my drug. Now I follow college teams as best I can (Maryland), and help coach the Bountiful team whenever possible.

I don't really know how to wrap this up so, that’s it.

-The Gap