Friday, November 18, 2011

This post isn't going anywhere, but we are!

Just an update on whats been going on in our life.

Right now, it is 7:30 in the morning.  Why I am up this early?  
Who knows.  
Why I am not getting ready for work?  
One word
To commemorate Lost, the world's favorite show, we are heading back to visit the Lost sights in on the North Shore area.
The real reason we are going is for Thanksgiving with my family.  We are all flying on flight number 815.  To get me pumped for this trip, I watch Modern Snipers on Netflix.  Needless to say, I am way excited.  

Other than that, its has just been school and work for me.  It is wearin me down honestly.  I am going constantly.  Which brings me back to Hawaii.  God Bless Hawaii.  As Jenessa informed me the other day, Hawaii is a State in the United States.

The other day I went on a tour through City Creek downtown.  That is going to be the coolest place since Classic Skating.  Little know fact, there is actually a retractable roof.  I was floored by this.  They also have a fire fountain.  Yeah, not water, fire.  Nezz-n was also excited about the Tiffany's and the H&M (which we went to the new one the other night, overwhelming)  CC opens March 22 ish, so mark your not be there cause it will be carazy.

(Update on Modern Snipers:  They just showed this monster of a gun called the Barrett M107.  Its the gun that penetrates tanks.  and bodies.)

The other night we had a Halo LAN party,  Solid night.  We had 3 TVs, 3 Boxes, one night of fun.  Thank you Chase Call for letting us take over your house.

(Update on Modern Snipers:  Its over)
(Next Up:  Miracle on 34th Street)

I've recently taken on the responsibility of writing for Utah Lacrosse News.  Feel free to read my first article here.  I wish I had more time to devote to this cause I love it.  

Ness' students are putting on a play this year called "The Granny's"  It's the fairy tales' version of the Gammy's.  She is putting it on all her self,  I am so proud of her.  She has to direct the dancing and the singing and the Staging and everything.  She is such a good teacher.  Speaking of that cute woman, its time to go wake her up.  She said to wake her up at 8:30, but she loves her sleep, so I have to have time to remind her about where we are going.  

It's been real team, but we've got a plane to catch. 

As they say in the world renown show, Lost,


-The Gap


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Les Mis

Next December, a potentially world altering event is taking place.  Les Miserables will be on the silver screen once again.  However, this time, it will consist of the music, as the previous one did not.  Here is the kicker however,  Hugh Jackman will be playing Jean Valjean, Anne Hathaway will be playing Fantine, and Russell Crowe will be playing Inspector Javert.  Um amazing yeah?  Let's just say with this discovery of the upcoming masterpiece, this has all we have been thinking about.  This is the only pandora station we listen to, We almost cry whenever we listen to the song posted above, and I wear my 24601 shirt frequently to help me remember who I am.

Clearly, we are ready for it to come out,

besides the fact we have to wait over a year...

We just don't tend to think about that part.


Monday, September 26, 2011

The buck stops here

A few weeks ago I noticed a nice 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke sitting in the fridge where I work.  It has been in there for a while and no one has been drinking it.  At my work, there are often meetings where companies come in and sell us stuff about insurance and what not.  Out of good will, they usually bring food and drinks, often the drinks are in 2 liter bottles.  What doesn't get eaten or drunk gets put down in the kitchen and is up for grabs.  Being a reasonable man, I figured that this was left overs from a meeting earlier in the week.  Craving the sweet taste of Diet Coke, I decided I was going to be pro-active and crack that baby open and pour me a nice cup.  

(It's sad that I like Diet Coke, I know.  I am very aware that it is a women's drink.  Especially when we go out to eat and say, "Diet Coke...With Lime"  The waiter always gives me a little smirk like, "Would you like a tampon with your Lime Diet Coke?" All this is soon forgotten when I get that wonderful drink)  

I thoroughly enjoyed that Diet Coke at work.  I went on thinking nothing of it.  Two weeks later, I notice no one has taken a sip except for the dent that I put in it.  So, being the dominant male that I am, I claimed it as mine and poured another cup.  It wasn't as fizzy as it was when I first had it because it had gotten a little flat.  Or so I thought.  I go and take a big swig as I am walking back up to my desk when my mouth is filled with the most rancid taste that has ever touched my tongue, throat, and stomach.  It was an orange-ish taste mixed with a soapy taste.  I almost spewed in the sink.  As I spit it out, I looked up and there sat the dish washing soap.  What flavor was it you ask?  Orange.  The presumed owner of the DC put dish soap in it to get back at me for opening her drink.

I just got my A handed to me.  I fell right into some kiniver's trap (Probably a woman, since it is a woman's drink)  I feel so violated.  My first thoughts were, "She can't do this to me"  Then I realized I was in the wrong for opening and taking some.  Still though, I am way mad that I got punked so well.  I need to get some revenge on this sinister sister.  

The Gap

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yep, we're alive...

Hey guys, sorry we have been gone for the past few weeks.  We got home from Europe and I guess that meant "real" life had to start back up...aka work and school...aka boring!  Just kidding, but we have been very busy lately!

Here is what we have been up to:
I (Ness) started a new school year!  I have the best class and they are so dang cute.  Today one student told me my belt felt like a gecko...I love them.

Bradford started school and is rockin' it.  He also got a new Maryland Jersey which he will not take off.

We (well Bradford's mom) found the BEST new ice cream.  It is by Smith's Private Selection brand and it is called something like, "Sea salt and caramel truffles."  Amazing.  Please go to your local Smiths Marketplace and pick some up.

Tomorrow we are going to dinner with my friends for Linds' birthday (Happy Birthday Linds!!)  We are excited.

Saturday is the big showdown...I have decided to root for blue, Bradford however has chosen red.  This could put a damper on the marriage.  Just kidding, we love the Aggies most.

Remember how I am obsessed with Taylor Swift?  I still am.  Her concert is in a week and a half...whatever though.

Next week is finally almost here.  TV time at our house is back.  Glee, Modern Family, 30 Rock, and maybe The Office.  We'll give that one a try to see if it lives up to our standards.  P.S. I feel guilty about watching Glee.  I just have to make sure that's out there.  I still watch it though.  Like the Office, we'll see how this season goes.

We are very excited for Hawaii.  November cannot get here soon enough!

Bradford just went to Texas for the BYU game with the boys.  That meant a lot of meat eatin', football watchin', and anything else "boyish" you can think of.  He had a good time.  I spent the weekend with Natalie up at Bradford's moms house.  We played a lot of Hangin' with Friends, had a crafty Saturday, and did a whole bunch of relaxing.  Great weekend for both of us.  Glad he is home though.

FIFA SOCCER.  That's all I have to say about that.  Well...let's just say things get intense and we are about to be on the top of our game!

Sunday is our 1 1/2 year anniversary.  Time FLIES!

Right now, I sleep with three allergies are so bad!  Bradford makes fun of me, but I sleep great!

I need a new book.  I LOVED "The Help."  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Bradford is owning at Halo right now.  I don't like Halo anymore.  Bradford got our xbox level too high so now I just get worked.  He gets to play one Halo game after he finishes an hour of studying...Can you tell I'm a teacher?

The best picture in our marriage thus far.  

This picture is of all us kids in Powell.  It's too funny not to post.  Enjoy!

Ok, that's all I have to update right now.  Life is GREAT, we are HAPPY, and Fall is our FAVORITE season.  Bye!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Italy 2011

For all those 2 people viewing our blog, if you were wondering, I made these cute changes myself. I went to thecutestblogontheblock and picked this one out. I spent a good amount of time editing it so it didn't have too many fluffy things. It will look sweeter as I continue to edit it. Anyways, on to things bigger and more foreign.

It all started back in February....but I don't want to tell the whole story. There is way way too much to share in one blog post. So I am just gonna give you the cherry's on the tops. I'll try to keep it to one picture per city...ish... for more pics, see my facebook

We left Saturday, Aug 6th on our large journey. We had a read eye from SLC to NYC. We saved $400 if we chose the flight that had a 10 hour we did it. Ness' step dad gave us SkyLounge which is basically a place for free food, drinks, and a place to sleep.

Cute Nezz-n

Then it was off to Rome! Everything was so much bigger and cooler than we initially thought.

Fountain di Trevi
Why hello there Pope Benedict the 16
My Name is Mazimus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, Loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

Next stop...Florence!

This was once of our top cities we went to. It was like, Italy, mixed with a Swiss village. It was cool to see Michelangelo's touch all over the town. Top places in Florence: The Duomo, Piazzale Michelangelo, and the stinkin' David.

Main Plaza
Wheelin' and Dealin'. Isn't she cute?
Top of the Duomo. Scariest climb ever
Piazzale Michelangelo; The city of Florence

Next stop! Manarola! (Our favorite stop)

Manarola is part of the Cinque Terre (Five Lands) They are coastal cities that are probably the most amazing things ever. When we go back to Europe, this is once place we are stopping at again. It is the smallest of the five, right on the coast. This is what true love looks like.

Walking down to the harbor
The view from our room
On the trail through the vineyards
Night in Manarola. If you can make the picture big, follow the boat ramp up to the town, and we are the first pink house. Right on the harbor.

Vernazza Next. #4 of the 5 in the Cinque Terre

This one was boppin more than Manarola

Next stop, Verona!

We got tickets to the Opera in the Arena to see Aida. It was a cute little town, but we only had one day there so we couldn't explore much. Bum

Where the Opera was

Next stop...Venice!

Next stop Paris! ( this is getting too long, wrapping it up)

Then Brussels for the flight outta there!

That was our trip!! pretty fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has even the inkling to go. Alright, I'm stinkin pooped of blogging. Peach out blog-world

-The Gap

Saturday, August 6, 2011


You won't see us for the next two weeks (not that you see us much now. We stink at blogging). We are off to Rome, Siena, Florence, the Cinque Terre, Venice, Paris and Brussels. Have a great last couple weeks of summer, wish us luck, and check back in a few weeks to hear the tale of our journey through Europe. It will be epic.

The Gap and Ness

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Wrinkle in Time with the Davis'

Jenessa just got back from a girls trip to Cali

Bradford has a hurt jaw from lacrosse

Jenessa is sunburnt

Bradford has a book report due Friday for a book he hasn't read

Jenessa has all her spelling lists written out through Christmas break

Bradford has a sweet black pocket knife for protection

Jenessa highlighted her hair and it looks adorable

Bradford has a birthday on Monday, and is getting a _______

Jenessa won't tell

Bradford wants to be in the BAU with Agent Hotchner

Jenessa wants to be in Italy

Bradford wants to have long hair to his shoulders, but can't

Jenessa wants to give a shout out to Sholly

Bradford is going to be starting his own business with a friend

Jenessa loves the book Peter Pan

Bradford's jaw still hurts

Jenessa is sick of him complaining

Bradford won't be going to the Explosions in the Sky concert...because of the book he hasn't read

Jenessa is excited for TV series to start back up

Bradford is ready to drop out of school

Jenessa won't let him

Bradford just got a text

Jenessa needs to DI some clothes

Bradford seconds that

Jenessa wants to be best friends with Taylor Swift

Bradford needs new music

Jenessa is tired

So is Bradford

Peace, Love

The Gap and Ness

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh hello summer

Well, I don't know about you, but summer seriously crept up on me. Those last few months of school flew by! I am blaming the weather. It kept making me think it was march/early April because of all the rain and chilly temperatures. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about summer. No, no, no, we love summer!

We brought in summer (well at least my summer) with a fabulous weekend. Friday night was dinner and a show. That show was Les Mis. If any of you know me really well, you know I am slightly obsessed with Les Mis and couldn't concentrate the day of the show because I was so excited. It turned out to be spectacular. Bradford had never seen it and he loved it! He still regrets not getting a shirt. Last night he said, "If I ever have a hard decision to make, I could have looked down at my shirt and remembered to say 'Who am I,' and then I would make the right decision." Haha...such a nerd. Unfortunately, we didn't take a picture, sorry!

Saturday morning brought with it a lot of mud. Mud you say? Yes mud because we did in fact run in the dirty dash. I am not a lover of running (and this was only a 5k) but this was sweet. I'm sure many of you have been overloaded with pictures of it on fb, but I hope those pictures are persuading you to run in it. Trust me, you will not regret it. Here is a picture of my husband that was in the sl trib: (thanks Amanda for spotting it. And no, that is not me climbing the wall. I am being covered by her. boo.)

The next thing I need to share came from our last post. Our Mitt pictures are up! I realize Brother and Sister Romney look like cardboard cutouts, but I promise it is them. Let us have our moment of fame! There are way more pictures, but once again I will let you look at fb for those. Sorry it is tiny!!

P.S. My brother gets home from his mission today! Eight hours and counting :)


Monday, May 30, 2011

National Call Day 2011

Alright, so Ness is not being prompt in updating the blog, and I am too anxious about this post, so I decided to do it myself. I apologize in advance because there are going to be a lot of pictures.

So about a month ago my good buddy Stephen Welling called me up and said that Ryan Beck had hook ups with the Mitt Romney Campaign and that he could get us to be volunteers for his National Call Day down in Vegas. Mitt was going to be putting his volunteers up in the Venetian for the weekend before. The call day was on a Monday so I initially told him that we couldn't, because we both have to work. I came home and told Ness about it and she was like "Are you kidding me?? I can totally miss work!" So we pondered about it for all but 20 minutes, called up Stephen and told him that we are in. This was the week before we would be leaving. It was very spontaneous of us and we were both very scared. Who knew it would turn out to be one of the most memorable trips we have had thus far.

(Mac Wood just came up to me and was like "what are you doing?" "Just updating our blog." "What? you blog? I didn't know guys blogged, I thought it was a girl thing." real funny Mac, real funny)

Anyways, going down to Vegas thus far was Ness and I, Ben Barrus, Chase Call, and Stephen Welling. Ness did not want to be the only girl out of our group so she invited her cousin Taylor Hunt. A money group in my opinion.

We headed down to St. George friday night, slept at our condo, (went trail running the next day, as noted below) , Stephen and them came over and we all went swimming, quick bite of Rio and we were Vegas-bound!

This is when Stephen informed us of a new idea that Ness and I will continue to use on our vacations. The Adventure Card. Every person has one (1) Adventure Card the whole trip. You may use your AC when you really want to do something. When you use it, everyone has to do the activity that you want to do. For example, Say I wanted to go on the NYNY Roller Coaster. I could use my AC and everyone would have to do it, no questions asked. Pretty Solid Right?

When we got to the Venetian, there was a mix up about rooms, so we all ended up in the same room. Two queens, four boys, two girls, one room. So naturally we put the mattresses on the floor so we could all fit.

Those are Stephens fingers. He did that so Taylor would tag him in the picture.
And again
We spent a couple nights on the strip which are always monumental. We walked the entire strip, just to go play the $3 black jack at the Hooters Hotel. Mind you that we passed like 40 $3 blackjacks on the way. We all played about 40, and all lost it. Hooters was not good to us.

Driving down the strip

The group.

The next day walking to the spaceship mall.
Laying out at the pool. They were pretty uptight with the rules. We had a Utah football that we had with us everywhere we went. We brought it with us into the pool and they got pretty upset. Clearly we did not know that the pool was just meant for picking up chicks.

The next day was National Call Day! We had to get up around 5:10 to get over to the convention center in time. We got our sweet shirts and hats that we had to wear. There was probably 100 college students from various places that came to volunteer for this. We got assigned to be the Tech Support for the callers. What was going to be happening was all of these big wigs that like Mitt will come and call all their big wig friends to donate money. Our jobs were to help them with the donation process. They would log on to a website of sorts and enter the amounts. Lots of them were new to the system so we had to help them. Lets be honest though, that last like 30 minutes, the rest of the time we were just walking around looking busy. But there were some sweet people there, like the owner of the Jets, some serious Olympians, and some serious CEO's from back east.
Us at the early morning training. Ness had gotten into the liquor cabinet already.
Stephen was nominated as President, and I was his secretary. We are hard workers.
Ness and Tay are the lookers of the bunch

Thanks to Mitt's great volunteers like us, he was able to raise $10.25 million dollars that day.

In traditional Mitt fashion, we had to pay for our own food. And by "We" I mean Mitt. He gave all his volunteers $15 to get some food that was brought in. All the other callers and big wigs had to pay for theirs.
Once Mitt made his final speech, he came down and started signing things. So naturally I ran up there to get him to sign my hat. Mission successful.
We all got pictures with Mitt, but their camera crew has yet to load them up to the website, so once those are up, they will be posted.
For some reason we all just clicked this trip. It was like we were all family, and every moment of it was a blast. We talk about this trip daily. Best spontaneous decision we have made.

On the drive home, we passed Chase, Ben and Stephen in the car, only to see this:
The cherry on the top.

Viva Las Mitt

-The Gap