Monday, September 26, 2011

The buck stops here

A few weeks ago I noticed a nice 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke sitting in the fridge where I work.  It has been in there for a while and no one has been drinking it.  At my work, there are often meetings where companies come in and sell us stuff about insurance and what not.  Out of good will, they usually bring food and drinks, often the drinks are in 2 liter bottles.  What doesn't get eaten or drunk gets put down in the kitchen and is up for grabs.  Being a reasonable man, I figured that this was left overs from a meeting earlier in the week.  Craving the sweet taste of Diet Coke, I decided I was going to be pro-active and crack that baby open and pour me a nice cup.  

(It's sad that I like Diet Coke, I know.  I am very aware that it is a women's drink.  Especially when we go out to eat and say, "Diet Coke...With Lime"  The waiter always gives me a little smirk like, "Would you like a tampon with your Lime Diet Coke?" All this is soon forgotten when I get that wonderful drink)  

I thoroughly enjoyed that Diet Coke at work.  I went on thinking nothing of it.  Two weeks later, I notice no one has taken a sip except for the dent that I put in it.  So, being the dominant male that I am, I claimed it as mine and poured another cup.  It wasn't as fizzy as it was when I first had it because it had gotten a little flat.  Or so I thought.  I go and take a big swig as I am walking back up to my desk when my mouth is filled with the most rancid taste that has ever touched my tongue, throat, and stomach.  It was an orange-ish taste mixed with a soapy taste.  I almost spewed in the sink.  As I spit it out, I looked up and there sat the dish washing soap.  What flavor was it you ask?  Orange.  The presumed owner of the DC put dish soap in it to get back at me for opening her drink.

I just got my A handed to me.  I fell right into some kiniver's trap (Probably a woman, since it is a woman's drink)  I feel so violated.  My first thoughts were, "She can't do this to me"  Then I realized I was in the wrong for opening and taking some.  Still though, I am way mad that I got punked so well.  I need to get some revenge on this sinister sister.  

The Gap

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yep, we're alive...

Hey guys, sorry we have been gone for the past few weeks.  We got home from Europe and I guess that meant "real" life had to start back up...aka work and school...aka boring!  Just kidding, but we have been very busy lately!

Here is what we have been up to:
I (Ness) started a new school year!  I have the best class and they are so dang cute.  Today one student told me my belt felt like a gecko...I love them.

Bradford started school and is rockin' it.  He also got a new Maryland Jersey which he will not take off.

We (well Bradford's mom) found the BEST new ice cream.  It is by Smith's Private Selection brand and it is called something like, "Sea salt and caramel truffles."  Amazing.  Please go to your local Smiths Marketplace and pick some up.

Tomorrow we are going to dinner with my friends for Linds' birthday (Happy Birthday Linds!!)  We are excited.

Saturday is the big showdown...I have decided to root for blue, Bradford however has chosen red.  This could put a damper on the marriage.  Just kidding, we love the Aggies most.

Remember how I am obsessed with Taylor Swift?  I still am.  Her concert is in a week and a half...whatever though.

Next week is finally almost here.  TV time at our house is back.  Glee, Modern Family, 30 Rock, and maybe The Office.  We'll give that one a try to see if it lives up to our standards.  P.S. I feel guilty about watching Glee.  I just have to make sure that's out there.  I still watch it though.  Like the Office, we'll see how this season goes.

We are very excited for Hawaii.  November cannot get here soon enough!

Bradford just went to Texas for the BYU game with the boys.  That meant a lot of meat eatin', football watchin', and anything else "boyish" you can think of.  He had a good time.  I spent the weekend with Natalie up at Bradford's moms house.  We played a lot of Hangin' with Friends, had a crafty Saturday, and did a whole bunch of relaxing.  Great weekend for both of us.  Glad he is home though.

FIFA SOCCER.  That's all I have to say about that.  Well...let's just say things get intense and we are about to be on the top of our game!

Sunday is our 1 1/2 year anniversary.  Time FLIES!

Right now, I sleep with three allergies are so bad!  Bradford makes fun of me, but I sleep great!

I need a new book.  I LOVED "The Help."  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Bradford is owning at Halo right now.  I don't like Halo anymore.  Bradford got our xbox level too high so now I just get worked.  He gets to play one Halo game after he finishes an hour of studying...Can you tell I'm a teacher?

The best picture in our marriage thus far.  

This picture is of all us kids in Powell.  It's too funny not to post.  Enjoy!

Ok, that's all I have to update right now.  Life is GREAT, we are HAPPY, and Fall is our FAVORITE season.  Bye!