Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is us... on our Wedding Day.

Our day... March 19... 6 months ago...

I love our pictures of our day. I know this might sound vain, but I am a bit obsessed with them right now. Because of this, I decided I needed to share them. It was a sunny/rainy/snowy day and it was fabulous. I'm sorry for the picture overload, but I couldn't resist. Our photographer was Haley Miller and you can check out her adorable blog here. She is an incredible artist and her blog is so much fun to look through, so check it out! Anyways, here is part of our wedding day via the camera lens:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We promised a Lake Powell post...

We LOVE Lake Powell. That right there is the first thing that needs to be said. We went to Powell this summer with my family and it was a great 4 days to say the least. We skied, tubed, boarded,swam, jumped, hiked, jet skied, explored, played games, watched movies, and ate, ate, ATE. Food is so much better in Powell. It was such a fun vacation and we are so grateful we were able to spend a few days in our favorite place. Here are some pictures from the week!

He loves it :)
Hot Husband

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I do in my spare time

So my business writing class got out early so I headed to the library, with the intention to do research for a company that I need to apply for for the class. Instead what did I do? Listen to Lady Gaga and blogstock people. Today will now be a good day.
The Gap