Monday, November 22, 2010

Cute Wife

To start off, my cute wife loves sleep.
Loves it.
When 10:30 rolls around, wife is ready for bed.

A short time ago my buds and I went to the Rocket Summer concert for BNO with the D-7 (Boys Night Out, Destructive Seven) I've had boys nights before, but this one was different. I went to the concert (which was really good by the way) and we had a joyous time. But when 10:30/11 rolled around, I started missing wife like crazy. I knew when the concert would be over she would be asleep however. But I still wanted to get home to her so bad. I kept hoping that Bryce would stop playing and end the concert already so that I can hurry and get home. Once it ended, my buddies took me home and I sprinted up to our apartment around midnight. I opened the door to my cute wife laying on the couch waiting for me. As fun as the concert was, coming home to a wife waiting for me topped the concert by a long shot.

Now I know why people get married.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Husband Fail

Let me share with you an interesting statistic that I came across the other day. When Jenessa and I got married, we had six bowls. We now have 3. In 7 months I have broken half of our bowls. You may be asking how I still have self-esteem. Well, you have a false assumption, I have lost all self-esteem. The last mishap was this past week. I was trying to get my sweet wife a bowl of pumpkin ice cream. I just cleaned the bowl so it was wet. I got a rag and started drying it when it slipped from my hands and shattered on the floor.
thats an F.
In marriage.

But the curse continues, just this morning I was once again being a nice husband and making wife toast with jam. Our jam is in a Tupperware container. Yep, dropped that. Yep, it broke. Yep, you're right about that too, I didn't think they could break either. But they do. So our floor and my foot are now very sticky with jam residue.

This led me to make the best joke ever. I had a bad case of toe jam. :)

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