Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Both of us are here for this blog.

First off, we would like to apologize for posting so often.  Things have been fairly low-key around here lately.  Here is what is on the agenda for this blog: 
  • Taylor Swift
  • Halo
  • The Voice
  • Windows Phone
  • Grey's
  • RSL
Then, it isn't a Davis blog without a ridiculous amount of pictures of Elle Mae.

Taylor Swift
Taylor's new album Red was recently released.  Jenessa bought it on the opening day.  Her favorite song is "All Too Well".  Some people don't like the album because it is not Country.  Jenessa, however, is proud of Taylor for trying new things and taking risks.  Jenessa prefers her Country but is very happy with Red and the beautiful lyrics.  Also Jenessa doesn't like when people bash Taylor.  Thats good for now

Halo 4 came out this past week on Election day.  Let's just say that Bradford is glad that something good came of that day.  He still does not own it however.  He is waiting patiently till Christmas, or until Jenessa goes out of town.  Bradford really doesn't know why he is into Halo so much, but it has a hold of him.  There is an unfortunate rule in the Davis household that allows him to only play it on Saturday mornings when both girls are asleep.  He is hoping this will change.  

The Voice
Jenessa started watching The Voice this season.  She really likes judges Blake and Adam.  There are 10 contestants left and she does not know who will win. (Bradford does)  Her favorites are: Amanda, Cassadee, Silvia, Bradford, and Dez, and Terry.  Christina Aguilera has huge knockers.  Jenessa does not watch reality TV, but is pleased with her discovery.  

Windows Phone 
The Beef Dawg has had a Windows Phone for 2 years now.  Before this he had an iPhone.  He has grown to love this little device and is excited to get the new 920 for Christmas.  He understands that they are the underdogs, and that's what he like about them.  He feels that the iPhone is too structured, and Google is too unstructured.  The WP is a great middle ground that allows him to personalize it just the way he likes it.  With the Xbox, a PC comp, and the WP, its a slick setup.  Needless to say, the Beef Dawg is pumped.

Grey's Anatomy came at a great time in J-Dawgs life.  She just had a baby and spent a lot of time nursing/airing out Elle's rash infected bum.  Jenessa discovered Grey's on Netflix and was instantly hooked.  It could be the hormones, but there were tears in almost every episode.  Especially season 8.  Let's just say Grey, Yang, Karev, Stephens, O'Mailey, other Grey, McDreamy, McSteamy, Bailey, Chief,  Montgomery, and all the other staff of Seattle Grace Hospital have become like family.  RIP some of them... :(

B-Nugget loves Real.  This was the season where he fell in love with them.  It started by playing Fifa with Ness-a-tron, his sister and brother-in-law.  He has always liked them, but something clicked and it took it into high gear this year.  He bought a jersey, made the fight song his ringtone, and attended many classes with Will Johnson.  Some of them, he even said hi to him.  The early loss in the playoffs was very upsetting.  Now he gets to follow The Voice... 

Elle Mae
Elle is 5 months old and cute as ever.  She is starting to laugh, eating solids, and sitting up all by herself. Kind of.  She has become a thumb-sucker.  Whenever she gets tired, she will stick her thumb in her mouth, and cover her eyes with the other hand.  It melts our hearts.  She also has a solid bald spot on the back of her head from laying down.  We are hoping that hair will eventually grow, because right now it is very smooth and bald.  Enjoy the pics.

This is her sleeping position.  If she doesn't have her arms free and up, she won't sleep.

Swimming during our Weekend Getaway to PC

PC cuddle time

Blessing dress photo-shoot

Obviously this is her bald spot

Weekend with Dad while Mom was in NYC on a girls trip

Cousin Paige's soccer game

This is why she does not know how to roll over

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Jenessa, such a cutie! thanks for posting the link on your fb. Great to see what you've been up to :) loves,Si